Miki Anthony

Game developer

MSc in games. Creator of Puttball and game designer on Skyld.

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Tick Tock Train

Artificial junk

Artificial Junk

Hi there

I’m Miki Anthony I make games. Sometimes I design, program or make art for them. I make games on my own, together with a small team or bigger production. I used to build them in Flash, but have now moved on to Unity.
I recently finished my MSc in game design at ITU in Copenhagen and has since then been freelancing, while not working on Skyld.

So if you are looking for a level designer, gameplay programmer or web developer, don't hestiate to contact me. Otherwise, if you just want to hang out, I’m often to be found at local gamedev meetups in Copenhagen, like SpilBar. Or if you want to beat me in TowerFall, come by ITU and challenge me, I always carry four controllers in my bag and regularly arrange local multiplayer events.